Doggie Wanna Cookie?

All Natural Tail Waggin’ Goodness

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All our healthy dog treats are formulated with your pet’s health and special needs in mind ~
All natural, highest quality ingredients ~
Free from wheat, corn, & soy! ~
Free from preservatives & artificial ingredients ~
Homemade dog treats!

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What Our Customers are Saying About Our Healthy Dog Treats

“My dog 🐶 ❤️ your 🍪.”

Ashley C.

“Our dog Sam loves the cookies! They smell so fresh and delicious. Thanks for a great product!”

Amanda P.

Ever Tried Your Dog’s Treats? So Do We! Here’s What Other Dog Owners Are Saying About Our Treats!

“Bow wow! The mint treat leaves such a refreshing aftertaste. Just what every owner wants in a post dinner licking.”

“After dinner mint was delightful I might share these with my girls when I get home.”

“P’Mutt Butter Bites have an excellent PB flavor and it can really be enjoyed! My dog will love it as much as I did!”

“Actually tasted like cheese and like mints. The bacon – its meaty –everyone loves bacon!”

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